October 12, 2011

Circles Oct 12th on my Calendar

Also notices needs a new calendar for 2012...

Day is not yet over, I will be posting some files before I crash. Please be advised I may be posting a few different updates over the next couple days as I try and squeeze in some free time.


I'm afraid I just didn't get the time today to get to testing these as much as I wanted. These bellow are BETA (You know the deal) and have debug messages turned on. Files are updated to latest Generations Patch, so if you don't have this don't install.

I will be updating these further over the next couple days and once satisified working properly I will post the PDF/DOCX and will be moving on to Wave 5 Items.  I am also working on some other interesting things that will come as a nice surprise I think.

***UPDATE 2*****
Sorry forgot to remove the password. Passwords removed.

Vincents Warning, Cracks in Time, Pandorica - BETAS
Shared Scripts - Beta
Global Register - Beta

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