June 15, 2011

What to Expect Next Couple Days

I will be doing some rapid testing any changes to mods Thurs & Fri. I have had 0 time for actual testing this week and I don't really know what is working and not in Version 3.34. I have I believe found all the Inventory bugs and will posting this fix later tonight. Anyone who has updated there game to 1.22 and NOT Generations and knows of specific bugs not listed in the post bellow, it would be appreciated if you let me know. Email only.

In the mean time, full time lord status and time capsule usage can still be acquired from the cheat menu.

I HOPE to release some/all of wave 4 for public beta testing by the end of the weekend, earlier if possible. Just don't know yet. It may be buggy due to not getting into the hands of testers for any length of time before public release. There will then be a weekish for sorting out any bugs and hope to stamp stable on it by next weekend. I will then be updating the mods for generations, I assume most of the compatibility changes are likely part of the 1.22 update, but don't know yet. Those WHO HAVE donated will receive as soon as public beta of 3.42 (Generations Update) is ready. Followed by Public release 7 days later.

Just to clarify, when mods are updating to the next expansion, that expansion is required from that point on. That is the main reason why I wait until mods are stable and usable before moving on. So if Generations works with 3.34 & 3.41(Wave 4), great but I don't guarantee 3.42(Generations) to work for anyone without it. Just FYI. If bugs in 3.41/3.34 report them otherwise when 3.42 I don't go backwords.

Also you can expect to see the mod listings for wave 5 to start popping up after this weekend.


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