June 4, 2011

Wave 5 : Announced

Progress is almost completed on Wave 4, should be sending to beta testers over the next few days. First public beta release should be in a week or so. No Exact date. Those who donated will get the password for the exclusive from wave 4, and it will work for all exclusives going forward.

After wave 4 has been bug tested and deemed stable, I will update all mods to Generations. Thanks to those who have donated I have purchased a copy of Generations early, and will be updating to Generations immediately after wave 4 considered stable by testers etc. I will be making the update to generations available early to anyone who has donated.

So as I am on the final legs of wave 4 I am announcing what is next...or at least partially: 3 Objects for now:

  • Genetic Anomaly Cloning Machine (See Video Previews Section) **First Preview From Wave 1 lol 
  • Biodata Extract Container
  • Skin Tank

There will be more added to this wave over the next couple weeks as I add the new stuff.


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