June 12, 2011

Updates to Latest EA Patch- PLEASE READ

I have updated the mods to the lastest Late Night Patch 6.5.1. I have disabled some of the code that is part of wave 4, but I may have over looked some. So use ONLY if you have already updated, and are ok with using something not fully tested. I would strongly suggest if you use this not to save your game or use a save your not concerned about.
My work week is going to be extremely hectic, so I still do not have an eta on wave 4, though there is not much left other than some strict testing. I will update progress when i have a better idea of release day, but I am shooting for next weekend as a possibly public beta release. Generations update will follow stable release of wave 4.
If you have sonic devices the bellow file will replace them, they had to be replaced to fix a holding issue, and some fx positioning

OK after investigating further I discovered a couple things, EA needs to get there updating $%# together. Base scripts are more updated than that of latest expansion installed....what a frigging nightmare. Not to mention 4 hours of rewriting skill system to rely more on nuclei then skill calls in case not fixable only to find out it might not have nothing to do with that. Also they change the way inventory is handled...and a few other annoyances.

Hope to sort out all this...soon.

Only have to work in 4 hours lol. OK these files are the stablish versions, not everything is tested but the major conflicts are resolved. IF there are bugs....and I am sure they are, since EA felt the need to insert Pets Code into the update as well, not hard to tell they have been writing both expansions at the same time. Please email me the details. Wave 4 will be updated to require 1.22.9.

Shared Script
Global Register
Sonic Models

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