June 25, 2011

Small Note

Finished up Cracks & Remaining mods, just some coding left for the pandorica. And some minor cleanups. Expecting to finish releasing over the next couple days, works been a nightmare last couple days, sorry folks but real life sucks sometimes.

Starting next week, I will be releasing patches ONLY on Wed & Saturdays. I will be working crazy long hours 12 - 14 a day for 4-5 days at a time for about 9 weeks over the summer. So to try and avoid burn out etc and make things easier, I have decided to restrict  myself to 2 days where I will be posting updates on the blog. This should also make things easier for those who are wandering when updates are coming.

About Wave 5. A few have asked the theme, and since haven't had the time to wrap up 4, I haven't releaved them all yet, but I will be releasing some cloning stuff, not just adults, some time lord & alien dna manipulation etc objects, and testing a new Alien Species. pack will likely be 8-10 objects.

Example the biodata extract  container has been used internally in code since wave 1. It can store the timelord DNA print for cloning etc from. So I will be giving you some tools to to create and store DNA of your timelords/sims etc...

The Simbiotic Nuclei is a form of DNA repository for Timelords, it doesn't contain a genetic print, but identifies your sim as gallifreyian biology etc,....I expanded this code when I did revisited with the purpose of expanding it to allow markers of other alien races....the first test run of a new species will make its appearance in this wave.

Hopefully not more lol.


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