June 15, 2011

Script Core 3.34 Bug Fixes

Still Sorting through the bugs from EA Update 1.22. I will post the updates here as I fix bugs. Please continue to email me if you find any and please provide me with as much detail as possible. I am working 10 - 12 hour days this week, so wont have any time to do much testing, until get a couple days off, currently on an 11 day stretch :(

So please keep an eye on this post, if no bug listed, I am not likely aware of it.
Bug Fixes - Saturday, <????> am
Bug Fixed: Coronet Use - Dominate Minds With Coronet
Bug Fixed: Use Watch, Become Sim
Bug : TimeCapsule TimeTravel

Bug Fixes - Wednesday, 11:59pm
Bug Fixed: Multiple Inventory Bugs (Black Scrolls, TimeRing, Book, TimeCapsule)

Bug Fixes - Tuesday, 11:59 pm
Bug Fixed: Crown Usage after Unlocking Mind - Testing
Bug Fixed: Coral, Sim & Mailbox Inventory EA Inventory Bug - Testing
Bug Fixed: Portable Eye, Sim & TimeCapsule EA Inventory Bug - Testing
Bug Fixed: Demat Circuit, Sim & TimeCapsule EA Inventory Bug - Testing
Bug Fixed: Chameleon Circuit, Sim & TimeCapsule EA Inventory Bug - Testing
Bug Fixed: Future Sim Place Coral in MailBox, EA MailBox Inventory Issue - Testing
Change : Time Capsule no longer uses Portable Eye as Battery
Added : Time Capsule can Regenerate power / different rate per Time Capsule Type
Added : Time Capsule gains additional power, if near Temporal Energy or Rift Activity
Added : Portable Eye can transfer power to TimeCapsule Through Tardis
Added : Portable Eye can transfer power to TimeCapsule Through Control Console
Added : Cheat Fill Portable Eye, Collected Power

Bug Fixes - Monday, 11:14pm
Bug Fixed: Unlock Mental Barrier Using Coronet - Testing

Bug Fixes - Sunday, 10:37pm
Bug Fixed : View Skism, Recognize Reaction in custom skill journal
Bug Fixed : Lazarus gain Regeneration

Shared Script 3.34 (6/15/2011 11:59pm)

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