June 20, 2011

Recent Activity FAQ

Just to clear up some misunderstandings:

What Issues Version 1.22 caused:
>To Start EA in there wisdom pushed through this update, that contained code from Generations and some from prep work for Pets. It replaced the standard practice of the latest files in the latest expansion, and instead targetted the base game. So mods got broken. They changed some of their code for handling inventory, and items that get placed in inventory, added some skill availability flags to include pets etc. Not to mention some other changes to additional body types etc. So what does this mean, tech base game has access to code it shouldn't. But just doesn't get used because Generations isn't present. Though things like memories etc and core changes got incorporated.

What this meant for me:
>Instead of just doing a bug fix update to late night, it meant adjusting mods for generations without actually having generations installed. AKA not what I had planned on at all, caused nothing but headaches tracking down so really bad crash bugs etc. I even went so far is writing some internal code encase of not being able to get around, the issues quickly..which I managed to eventually.

Bottom Line
>Generations IS NOT supported. It's not meant to me. But it MIGHT be compatible. I will not know until I install and begin examining and testing. Would have helped if I hadn't spent 8 hours trying to fix custom skills only to find out how easily the fix turned out to be, once I identified it, and released they had actually updated the base game further than they had the latest EP.

Wave 4: Development got hijacked because of updating to this BUGFIX, and I'm trying to squeeze in time to get things done between work and sleep.  I will be posting patches and more of the files throughout the week.

Wave 5: is mapped out, and will be revealed as soon as Wave 4 stable. Some very interesting objects coming.

Wave 6: is mapped out, but I have 3 ways I might go hence the vote. I suspected everyone would vote for destiny, but gonna kick themselves when they see what the others are...well maybe, destiny is pretty cool too. Not sure which I'd want actually.....no not true I'd probably go for the HOUR. Because I know what it means lol.

Beyond this I have no definite plans.

Keep an eye out for updates throughout the week, but the full set of files should be available on Friday, unless circumstances prevent.


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