June 1, 2011

If you draw it, you can build it.

Before anyone gets too excited the daleks in the blueprints, are a texture placeholder that was placed on the fly, but is considered the "blank". Aka I still need to create the textures for the different blue prints you can create. No this is not to build logic skill or other crap, this is so you can create object on the workbench using the blueprints to UNLOCK building of items. This was something I had in mind before skills etc to allow what tech can be made, and the blueprints will be stored in the workbench. In the end it will be like the lazarus chamber, once somehting is unlocked you can build it etc...how this will all eventually tie together or when I don't know. This is not part of wave 4, so will not be spending to much time on it, and no this is not necessarily the final model.


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