June 7, 2011

Generations & Recent EA Patch

I have been saying this for ages now, if EA puts out a patch and you update, there is always the chance that the game will go pow, boom! EA doesn't like custom objects, and like to change things. Plus scripts are compiled against EA internals, if they update something..pow.

When using custom scripts it always best to remove custom mods, install updates, and reinstall mods when patch is available, or even better avoid patching until mods are updates so you can accomplish all at once.

As advised next release will support current patches only, after release and stable will update to Generations & Patch introduced by EA to base game to support update.

Please be patient or if you cannot wait then removed mods from the game, until supported. As I cannot support 2 separate patches at the same time, without a ton of uninstalling reinstalling.

I may opt to update to patch, disabling new features so that patch is updated for those who couldn't wait, but no guarantees...and more importantly if you have generations...forget it. Game will go pow, wait until files updated.


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