May 17, 2011


Falling asleep lol, almost 5am time for bed I think. I have either updated a few small bugs and added 2 cheats, or I have told the Tardis to turn into a cow...not sure exactly. If not you can use the 2 cheats to enjoy the mods easier until I get most of the bugs out. (Please still keep reporting them if not posted already)  Cheats are accessed as follows:

Type : testingcheatsenabled true
Type : buydebug

Simbiotic Nuclei  - ALT+SHIFT+Click Mouse on : Cheat\Full Timelord (Level 8 Skill & Nuclei)
Time Capsule - ALT+SHIFT+Click Mouse on : Cheat\Set Perfect Condition? I think lol (Demat Perfect, Full Power, Adds Components, Removed Duds)


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