May 21, 2011

Wave 4 FAQ

I've been emailed a few of the same questions over and over so I'll try and answer a few of the more common ones. So I am answering a few more questions, and some in a bit more detail.

  • As depicted in the video I posted this week, SimHenge is placed on a community lot. It has a hologram & forcefield around hologram so you cannot walk through the hidden entrance. This is 1 object. The stairs are placed, after henge so access can be gained  into a basement. How you design this lot or basement is up to you. You don't even have to use it. I AM CONSIDERING releasing a prebuilt lot ready for use.
  • Pandorica, will store a sim, similar in nature to how a cryo chamber will work, except any sim within will be safe from temporal alterations. But cannot exit without help. from outside with a sonic device.
  • Dispersed SIMS are gone forever.
  • SIMS Absorbed into CRACK do not mean they are gone forever. Exact nature or limits etc have yet to be decided.
  • Cracks appearing will destroy world or lot depending on scope. This is to protect your game experience. You will be able to set to affect world or lot, by default will be limited to home lot. Event will be triggered manually. And will be rewarded if completed.
  • Brain Canister, will contain a Sims Dispersed Body Remains ONLY if remains are intended to remain.
  • Brain Canister is more complicated then a simple grave or simple jar. Full features will come into play in next wave, info not released yet.
  • Key of Rassilon will have more fuctions in the future, in this wave it will be required to power the demat gun. Demat Gun & Key will be built items. And workbench functions and interactions will be expanded upon. might see why there is a drawer, and it's not for scrap.


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