May 14, 2011

Wave 1 - 3 Public Beta Released

I decided to release early. I'm sure there are things I have overlooked. So please consider these files beta. That means if something goes horribly wrong.....might have wished you have used a testing save game instead.

I will be removing the password blocks shortly. The links below should all be downloaded in order for all things to work.

A few things...

  • If not using Late Night, don't ask why these don't work. You need late night, period.
  • If looking for guides/pdf they are not done/updated yet.
  • These are beta, treat them as such.
  • Yes there maybe bugs. I'm releasing early get over it.
  • If you find a bug, give me details, just saying it don't work..doesn't help.
  • World travel has not been fully tested, some features may not work.
  • Some console functions are not yet available.
  • Some fucntions on console are not meant to be used inside tardis
  • I will be releasing bug fixes perodicly, you will only need to downlaod the shared script file, unless directed otherwise.
  • ...I'm sure I have forgotten something.
This is why you should never post files at 3am. I apparently forgot a couple important menus, inluding become owener of it can be used these where in debug menus, and never gave a thought lol. I will not be home to update links until very late tonight. I will post an updated script file then. Sorry about that lol. Damn 3 am brain.   So apparently this is in the menu... don't know, try enjoy, if its not I'll fix tonight.


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