May 16, 2011

Thanks Bug Hunters

Appreciate everyone who has been sending me bugs, and actually going as far as trying various methods to reproduce and see if there situational etc. It helps alot. Script core has become a rather large set of code supporting over 60 objects and rapidly climbing. Some not yet released some in planning stages like K9 and Dal.... errr Dalas Texas Poster...yeah.

Wave 4 updates will start appearing on the site this week. I have updated all the old packages to late night, and will be scripting through the week, along with bug fixes as reported, most of the models are done already, but there are a couple left to update/finish etc.

Many are sending suggestions/requests. Appreciated I am adding a section to the blog for requests or requests. Please post there. I am open to requests, but I have Wave 4 & 5 decided. So unless the object fits into those plans it will get added to the list. I will list some of the mods not to request.

When reporting bugs on Wave 1-3 please use the following format please:

IF SIM Standing around:
Time of Day:
Progressed Properly, Not through cheating/buying: Y/N
Did Tardis Appear : Y/N
Did Sim Eventually Leave : Y/N
Is your mailbox empty/accessible : Y/N

IF Component removal caused Tardis to stop functioning:
Did you update latest file : Y/N
Try Buying and Linking and Using Fresh Copy Still happen : Y/N
How you Aquired Component, what you altered on it, interaction you did to remove and install:

Send Details


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