May 24, 2011

Script Core 3.3.Release

With the event fixed and in final testing, and the majority of major bugs squashed I very likely  be posting the final updated links tonight when I get home, for version 3.3 of script core, and unless some major bug pops up its head the next available file will be 3.4 which will contain the beta for wave 4.

What does this mean? This means I will be focusing more of my attention of wave 4 items. And with some vacation time coming up in a few days, should see some rapid updates on progress...we can hope lol. So any small bugs or changes to existing items, or added features etc will take place in the next beta.

I have said this a couple times, but a few people emailed me concerned over the release of generations. Unlike Late Night (I HOPE) EA wont cause a major issue with custom scripts and will not require all package files to be updated. Wave 4 Will be released WITHOUT initial support of Generations. 

WHAT????? THE HORROR!!! lol No fear, this is to ensure that those who do not run out and buy generations can enjoy the new stuff coming. I will update everything to generations after initial release, but will keep both script versions available.

Again assuming EA doesn't break us again lol.

Thanks again to all those who have been sending donations, as promised once wave 4+ is released exclusives will be made available to you. Also appreciate the ad viewers, this always helps as well. 

I'm expecting to release wave 4 items for beta testing right around generations released date, so please please please if you plan on installing generations, wait for a supported version before using my mods.


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