May 12, 2011

Nearly Done - YEAH!

Yeah this has been well beyond what I had planned. But so far I am very happy with the result. I have just finished fixing the time ring, tardis current world traveling, inside doors, skill dialogs etc etc etc lol

Trust me you don't want to know how many hours I have put into this... it's really rather sick lol.

I have 5 main areas of coding left to do before final public ready beta release. By that I mean free to use, enjoy and report bugs etc. I MAY release another public preview tomorrow...err i guess. Haven't decided yet. Mainly because after removing a ton of old no longer used code and fixing all the broken stuff, i need to fix that section before releasing. So MAYBE late whatever.

This will be last post until all code done. Below I will have listed the sections left to finalize before releasing for breaking. I will also post quick links here to more easily navigate. Don't be stupid and try downloading 1 or 2 of the packages... most of my code interlinks to others if you want problems don't listen. If you don't have Late Night don't cry to me later that something isn't working...Ive already had 3 cases of that...

Since I am so close to finishing I have just decided to wait. There's very little left now. Soon as I can squeeze in enough time to finish I will post the links. I will likely be adding some additional features to the existing objects with wave 4, instead of holding back release. Wave 4 will be released with late night support regardless if Generations is out prior or not. I'm looking forward to finishing Wave 4, so I can begin making new things...and maybe bringing back and old friend....more to come.


  • Time Capsule Components Repair/Upgrade/Install(Console/Capsule)/Verify Function Supported
  • Workbench, work with new component bases for fixing
  • Temporal Travel
  • Vacation World / Return Home Travel (**Passengers/Interior Doors & PAIN BUTT CODE FIXES)
  • Store Object Data & Skill Data

'If not here, not ready don't ask.


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