May 21, 2011

Event Fix - Update

I have been working on rewriting my approach to the Event to fall more inline with NPC service sims such as grim reaper or fireman, newspaper delivery etc. Which I had planned on investigation anyway..just not right now lol.
         Primary code is working..for me. Event still fallows the same course of actions, but less chance the autonomy of the game should interfere etc. It has not replaced the existing event code for 1 reason only. I haven't been able to get it tested enough yet. As soon as my testers get the time to really bug test it, see what happens under a bunch of situations, then it will be adapted to replace. I 'd rather not release it buggy again. So soon as I know its working it will be updated.
         In the meantime, I am still picking away at some bugs that crop up and working on wave 4 items. So far progress is moving along well.

Good news 1 tester has kicked around the Event and is indicating its stable at night and day which was one of the biggest issues that could cause a failure. Still waiting for the other testers to get some time to slug away at it.
A couple people have volunteered to bug test, and I appreciate that, but as a rule I ALWAYS decline anyone who asks. Mostly because most players who ask, are mostly just interested in getting there hands on new stuff faster. Most people who report a bug like  "its broken", "I can't do this" or "Is this broken". This is not helpful. The couple testers I have now, do a great job finding my mistakes lol. And point out things that work better or notice things I would never consider.
A tester says, I tried this, I then tried this, I then did this with this and it worked. So when I tried this it worked but ifI tried this it didn't perhaps we should do this or can we change this and do this. IF that makes any sense lol. If someone proves themselves helpful and a good tester, then I am more open to suggestions, but those who go beyond and are a proper troubleshoot tester, I will offer to allow them to become a full tester and have access to everything to break or play, they don't need to ask me.

As of 10 min ago I am down 2 testers. 1 do to other projects that keep them too busy, and have only perodically been popping in to help now and again. And 1 who just had a serious family loss earlier today and is in rather bad shape, and my heart goes out to him, and his family, and out of respect I have not posted the details. So until his role is filled or enough time passes for him to return, bug testing will be slower going. As I have had to take extended periods away from modding he knows he can always return when he wishes.


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