May 25, 2011

Bug List Script 3.3

Please refer to this list below before reporting bugs. I will be posting download script updates throughout the week.

New Event System seems to be stable according to testers, will be linking code tonight, I have updated the code and have sent it for final testing. Should be posting an update next day or so.

2:00 am - 5/25/2011
Fixed : Sim Standing around during event to meet future self
Fixed : Cast Coral Into Skism, Not Appear
BUG : Return From World Travel Unlinks Objects - TESTING FIX
Changed : Tech Without Identifiers to Identify as TimeLord Technology
Changed : Merged Sonic Menus / Direct Action Clicking Uniform With Selectable Device To Use
Added : Single Target Scan (Info / Deactivate Holograms & ForceFields / Disarm Traps / Unlock / Repair / Destroy)
Added: Lazer Target & Destroy Boulders

Script Core Update 2:00am Wednesday 5/25/2011
Register & Resources Updated 9:00pm Thursday 5/19/2011

Older Fixes:
2:16am Sunday 5/15/2011
Fixed : Spawn Console
Fixed : Spawn Larger On Inside Doors
Fixed : Some jump Bugs From using Sonics
Fixed : Improve Demat Circuit Condition
Fixed : Energy Fx Color For Portable Eye
Fixed : Read Minds Cannot Be Self
Fixed : Event Sim, No Autonomy
Fixed : Event Tardis, Marked To Prevent Usage By Player
Fixed : Tweaked skill level dialogs and hints
Fixed : Allow Click Dematerialization Circuit in Inventory
Fixed : Force Time during event to remain normal to prevent most issues
Added : Menu Create Doors and Console To TimeCapsule Exterior
Added : AutoLink When Creating if not already linked.
Added Spawn and Link Console & Larger Doors

1:30am Monday 5/16/2011
Changed : Menu Time Rotor\Activate Time Rotor to simply Activate Time Rotor
Fixed : Sonic Devices Scan Rooms & Other only From Routing Locations
Fixed : World Travel to Vacation World, China, France, Egypt
Fixed : Return Home From Vacation World

2:30pm Monday 5/16/2011
Fixed : Removing Components Breaking Tardis

4:40am Tuesday 5/17/2011
Fixed : Time Rotor Animate When using Console
Fixed : ADD Power to Eye while in Inventory
Added : Take Coral Sample From External Shell (Inside Tardis)
Added : Take Coral Sample From External Shell (Linked Inside Doors)
Added Cheat : Set TimeCapsule Condition Perfect (TimeCapsule ALT+SHIFT+MOUSE)
Added Cheat : Set Sim Full TimeLord (Simbiotic Nuclei ALT+SHIFT+MOUSE)

4:24am Wednesday 5/18/2011
Fixed : Regeneration Looping When Death by Starvation
Fixed : Return From World Travel Breaks Sims Marked Inside Interior
Changed : Tweaked Menu Layout TimeCapsule
Added : Verify Physical & BaseCode Links to TimeCapsule (Manual From TimeCapsule)
Added : Verify Physical & BaseCode Links (Automatic From SearchBaseCode Actions)

9:00 pm Thursday 5/19/2011
Fixed : Additional Sonic Jump Bugs
Fixed : Bought Items Have TimeLord Menus Added (Where Appropriate)
Fixed : Sonic Disarm Trap Click Hidden
Added : Scan Target, Identifies Hologram, ForceField, Technology (Sim/Timelord/Mondassian)

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