May 31, 2011

Blueprint Drafting Table

Blueprint Drafting Table
screenshot.jpg All good plans start with an idea, but to build complicated things requires blueprints.

Script Core Additions & Changes Log
9.9.FutureRelease 1/1/2020
  • Planning Stages
  • Added: Draw Blueprints
  • Added: Model State Blueprint for Drafting & Wall
  • Added: Model State For Carrying
  • Added: Model State Laid Flat
  • Added: Blueprints Contain Tech Build Info
  • Added: Future Tech will require blueprints
  • Planned: Integrate with Workbench
Bug Log
Latest Object & Model Download
Last UpdatedPrimary DownloadAlternate DownloadReport Bug
Thursday, January 01, 2099 UnAvailable UnAvailable Report Bug

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