May 13, 2011


Don't know what went on last couple days, but some posts got reverted, some missing...blogger messed up I'm guessing. Thought when they fixed, everything would be the same lol.

I had to change my base tardis object, due to some annoying issues trying to maintain the animated door from its cloned base object. I have switched it to a more changed state method. Few reasons, 1 placement works better,  2 chameleon circuit easier to maintain. I left the adaptive method to still be used if need be, but for now I think this is best. Still works, appears virtually the i will try things this way for a bit.

Well I will be releasing files soon, damn near finished. Mostly just needs some deep bug testing, and world travel still needs recoded. Files will be posted needing a password , soon as all links are updated i will be removing the password.

I will be posting files regardless if 100% before Monday. Just wanna try and remove the majority of bugs first. Every time you add 1 thing 3 break lol. I added a ton this week so just need to be sure I didn't overlook some stuff.

Still threat files as beta. But please report bugs, detailed examples please only. I'll update post soon as everything is ready.


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