May 14, 2011

A beta-tester's tale

Hi folks,

While we are all eagerly awaiting Dragonsire's official release I thought I would share with you one of the more interesting bugs that I ran into... Take this as a warning as to what can happen with beta files, LOL.  And remember, don't save your game when using beta files!

I'll try not to give too much away for those of you who want to be surprised, but I have to tell a little to tell the story, so as River would say.... *Spoilers!*

There is a new Timelord skill that you have to build up quite high before you actually get your hands on a TARDIS, so I was going through each level when I reached a point where I was exhausted from an earlier task and need to sleep. When I do, an event is supposed to trigger that causes my future self to arrive in his TARDIS to give me some help acquiring my TARDIS in the first place. (Gotta love time travel) Well, on my way to bed, I was so tired I passed out. which caused the event to start prematurely. My future self arrived and exited his TARDIS but I woke up before he could do what he was sent to do...

So I had a little chat with him. After a few minutes I started to get bored and since my early waking apparently aborted his task I did the only thing I could think of... I hijacked his TARDIS for myself!

At this point my girlfriend found him and started a conversation so I had her invite him in.
I found her flirting with him in the kitchen.

I wasn't having this so I whipped out my Master's Tech - Lazer Screwdriver and lazarus-aged him to death!

The reaper arrived to claim the fool and we all lived happily ever after...

Now I have a grave in my kitchen with my name on it. LOL. Kinda weird but that's what happens when you play with time travel. So you all be careful out there!

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