April 18, 2011

Small Thanks

Wanted to quickly thank everyone for not over whelming me with questions and emails the last couple weeks. I know many have been waiting a long time to use these again and I am working hard to get them ready between commitments.

I have changed a great deal more code than I had planned, but I think it makes everything run smoother and more straight forward and will be enjoyable. Plus it opens up for future things because of the way I have changed my approaches to TimeLord Sims.

April 30th is still the public release date, no change. Though my testers are probably getting frustrated at how much I keep changing and breaking lol.

I have decided to take down the link for donations until after April 30th. As I do not wish people to think I will delay mods and feel ripped if make donations. However I will not be updating any files beyond Late Night unless donations provide the funds to aquire additional expansions or I eventually pickup a copy cheap.

For those interested in the details of what is changing read bellow.

Base Game : 1.19.44
World Adventure : 2.14.4
Ambitions : 4.7.4
Late Night : 6.2.4


The Simbiotic Nuclei has always been the heart of my Timelord mods. Allowing for the storing of custom values etc. I have opened this up allow for other types of Genetic Markers, such as maybe Cyber Control Chip??? or other.

Having taken this approach I still wanted a way to progress a Timelord. I have always hard coded the settings but allowed for changes and unlocking of new features but I wanted a way that was visual so I finally decided to create a Custom Skill Tree.

So I decided to Create the Custom Timelord Skill, it will provide a method of hints to show what needs to be accomplished to unlock additional levels, and unlocked grants timelord additional abbilities such as regeneration, creation of sonics or relics etc.

To Adjust for this approach I have changes the black scrolls of rassilon to contain scrolls of knowledge. That must be used inorder to modify your sim. You will be guided to change your genetic code, visit a breach in time and space and like a jedi create the tool that aids you on your journey etc.

Eventually following this path will lead you to your Time Capsule (Tardis).

Previously the only thing that affected your sim was there experience with schism, now it will mostly only affect personnality.

Other than this tons of bug fixes and additions:

Sonic Screw Driver Sounds
Disable Traps
Fixed Automony with clones
Storing of Cloned Sim with Hand Changed
Hand now has a sample that can be sim or timelord
Hand require Regen energy
Hand Visually Changes
...and a great deal more,


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