April 30, 2011

Release Day

I have real life commitments until late this evening, so there is no need to keep emailing me asking when I will release files. They will get released when they get released.

I have ended up rewritting nearly all the wave 3 code..which is not what I had planned, made a ton of extra work. But I think the benefit will be worth it.

This has caused some stability issues and additional code changes and testing is still required on these objects.

I have not simply updated objects to late night, i have added a ton of code...approx length of shared script core is now about 40,000 lines. Sick I know. Some are small changes like fobwatch opening and closing. Or custom skill that required major changes.

I have not decided what will/wont be released yet...or how long I will need to delay. And won't until I get home and examine test results from testers and examine code.

But since I did promise, in the event I do delay release anyone who just really wants to get their hands dirty and wishes to play around, can email me with a request to access files that are available. I will post the links in this post to the files, late tonight, and those who cannot wait and wish to test out some will be given the opportunity.

ONLY IF!!!!!

Understand they are BETA
No Support given
Use them in a sandbox testing Enviroment aka no saving unless they understand consequences.
One shot deal.

 At worst I suspect no more than a delay until Friday So that I have a couple of days off from real world stuff to plug through, so for best experience, better to wait. I will be starting Wave 4 as soon as I have finished all this updating.