April 7, 2011

Past Email Inquiries

I have done my best to finally tackle the pile of emails from over the last few months. Not fun lol. I hope I didn't miss anyone's however if I did I'm sorry I tried lol.

The most common couple question are about game compatibility with Late Night and requests for Daleks or other doctor who themed mods. Game compatibility is being addressed by the update that is comming and the requirements have been made clear. I think lol.

Future mods, well hell I don't know from 1 day to the next what time I will have available to promise anything. I thought I'd be on wave 10 by now lol. So I am trying to never comment on unreleased stuff any more. I will say this, With Doctor who back on the air, most side projects are done...I have more free time and I have some interesting ideas, and anyone who has worked closly with me knows when I dig into an idea, things happen fast lol. So keep watching.

I would appreciate no further emails with questions in regards to testing. I have said this a few times lately. I appreciate the offers but I work alone. And I have a couple reliable testers who do the testing to ensure stability prior to posting public files. Any who wish to further test at that point is welcome to email me with any bugs they find.

Any requests for specific mods, don't bother at this point. As I have Wave 1-3 to finalize, hopefully this week...I work fast lol. And testing for a week, then out to donators. Then 2 weeks overlap to fix bugs or make changes or work on wave 4.

IF after april 30th you can think of an object in Sims 3 that could be modified to be doctor whoish and think that would so be awesome let me know your ideas. Example TCE to gnome(grave) came from a suggestion, so I do listen lol.

I am hoping since Sims generations appears to incorporate University, we will get Zombies back...ideas there....plus looks like science experiments...also great ideas for using them...
So once again I appreciate all inquires and offers and suggestions, and if I missed your emails I apologize, feel free to drop me a line...after April 30th. thanks. DragonSire