April 6, 2011

Past Donators

Just a quick note, to let everyone who has made donations in the past I have emailed your email addresses from my list in paypal letting you know when to expect files to be made available. IF you did not receive my email, and may have changed email addresses etc, please drop me an email with your old and new email address. I will confirm and email you letting you know. There is no time limit or a minimal amount, even if you donated 2 years ago, I would have tried emailing you.

Yes I will be accepting donations for Sims 3 - Generations, however wave 4 will be released under late night first. I expect to have it ready soon.  Anyone who donates going forward will not be given the updates this month early. It is my way of saying thanks to those who donated previously only. And is not a way to donate a quick buck to get updates now instead of waiting.

With Doctor Who Season 6 to start, it has my creativity juices starting to perk up so watch for updates. After Patch day.