April 2, 2011

Current Site Status

Until April 30th I cannot guarantee existing DL or site navigation will not get messed up. I will be digging in over the next couple weeks to try and update for Late Night. And as such the website will be getting updates posted as I repair mods etc. And may cause some interruptions. It seems my posts here have caused some confusions so I'm clarifying 1 last time.

After Update You will require :
Base Game : 1.19.44
World Adventure : 2.14.4
Ambitions : 4.7.4
Late Night : 6.2.4


I will be patching and modifying code changes to comply with Late Night and other. This has the potential to break your existing world. I will try to avoid this, but do to the nature of how the TimeLord System works internally it is a possibility. I am going to be changing some core interactions, so as to make some things smoother.

The plan is to have Wave 1 - 3 Patched for Late Night First.

Wave 4 - Will be part of Late Night not Sims 3 - Generations. Anyone who updates past the listed patches above will find they may have to wait longer

Any and all questions or requests will have to wait until after Patch.

The tenative date is April 30th. Nothing will be sooner. I do not suspect a delay, however it depends on which mods are working and which are not.

Please refrain from asking me how do I get mods to work, mods wont respond etc. Current mod shared core is out of date. I patched and upgraded it today, but have yet to begin troubleshooting to see what mods are affected and how. And will not be posting it until April 30th. However i hope to have it in the hands of a few testers well before that. There are quite a few mods to go through.


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