April 30, 2011

Beta Files

Password will only be available upon request to avoid people blindly downloading and not listening. You will need to download ALL posted links for files to work. Anyone downloading please be aware :

2. No Support
3. No Help
4. Data not guaranteed to be saveable
5. May corrupt games if you save
6. Objects not final, may change
7. These include disabled features, debug menus, other testing stuff.

1. Not ALL Files are included example (Coral missing etc, Lots of Wave 3 Stuff)
2. I will IGNORE all questions, until finalized
3. I will IGNORE if you ask for password without telling me u understand the risk etc.
4. I will always IGNORE ignorant, impatient or demanding people.
5. This is not meant as a proper release, to enjoy properly wait for a full release.
6. Using debug menus is a privilege, generally only for testing, not meant to cheat with and will not be left in final.
7. No I will not walk you through how to become a timelord, or how to get a Tardis. Those  who used previous versions will have a general idea, though I have made it easier. A PDF will be updated and posted on release. Tardis stuff for the most part will not be available until next beta or final.
8. I don't need bug reports, I know what's broken for the most part, and some is by design. After full release feel free.
9. I appreciate the offers to become testers, but right that is under control.
LAST. I will be posting another update this week, may or may not be final. It will include aquiring tardis, advancement to skill level 8, basic interaction with tardis, some travelling options etc. Currently updating the inside doors and console code.

Read On For Downloads


SOUNDS (Directions)
Shared Script - NOT CORE MOD (Directions)
Global Core - NOT CORE MOD (Directions)
Wave 1 - TimeLords BETA
Wave 2 - Timelord Science BETA
Wave 3 - Tardis (Partial) BETA
Ancient Book (Had Forgot to upload)


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