March 27, 2011

April 30th - Update Coming

I have not looked into the progress the editing tools have come in the last few months, but I'm sure they are better, so we shall see if i can remember what I am doing. No requests, right now for the next 2 weeks I am swamped. But I've put off updating for way too long. I just today purchased Late Night but have not yet installed it. So I will be sitting down the last couple weeks of April and get an update to everyone. It may be ready before then once I sit down, not sure what is even broken etc, but it will not be released until the 30th so that everyone has a definite date.. All features that are working or not working in the patch will be identified. No guarantees what updates there will be. I'll look at my time table after that and see where things are at etc. Dragonsire

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