September 11, 2010

Wave 4: Exclusive

I have just completed the primary functions of the first Exclusive for Wave 4. For those who remember the inflatable energy prison from Trochwood: Day One, the small device Owen used and then Gwen to trap the girl in. I have created this. The Device prevents a sim from exiting the field, and can only be deactivated by the sim who set the device. I Initally planned to only allow the power to last an hour....but I may leave it as indefinite...not decided yet.

SO those who have already donated will receive this when wave 4 is released. Or have/do win a trivia or other contest before release date. So the next riddle:

Once there was many of my kind, until only I remained. Even my own brother turned against me, wishing my imprisonment, as he was not willing to kill me. I was known by many names,  all were feared. Who was I?

Only the first will be accepted, no hints.

Winner : Juan Carlo T. de Guia


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