September 4, 2010

Wave 3: T.A.R.D.I.S. Released (Mostly)

Here you go guys, files are now publicly available. If bugs as usual please email them, do not clutter up comments section. Need help read PDF FIRST. Otherwise ask. As a special bonus I have placed the the decor version of 1 of wave 4 files up aswell, it is only the decor version.....don't spoilers but it will change by release time, but for now enjoy.

I am updating the links should be available in just a moment.

Once someone figures out where coral is, and how to obtain I'll post the info publicly. After a little while, so people who want to try and find it can do so.

Also keep an eye out the next few days for small updates to shared script file as I have been pushing hard last couple....well months...I'm likely to have overlooked small things, so periodically I may make small changes.


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