September 7, 2010

Wave 3 Bugs

Ok seems some people didn't realize or forgot etc that they need to have updated there shared script file for wave 3, and are still using the Pre-Release version. This could cause some rather bad issues, please make sure you have updated.

I will be implementing a new download template today or tomorrow that will I hope make it clearer as to what features are fixed/added to script core for each update.

JUST SO I AM CLEAR, each download mod is simply the in game object, the features and custom scripts are all part of the shared script. I will be posting an update to it as well over the next day or so.

Easy way yo tell if you updated is when you click on an inside door, if you see a menu, its a pre-release scipt your using as it got disabled in error.

Also make sure u have replaced all pre-release files. As I have said before things got change and will cause objects not to function properly.

*** UPDATE ***
I have updated my template generator & uploading software for the new downloads templates. I hope this makes more sense to everyone, as the version in the chnage log now refers to code addtion/change in the script core and the dowload is simply the object. So unless there is a model change you should only ever need to update script file.

The Script File Download Template Table still need to be updated, and will be doing that sometime soon, to be ready for when the new expansion is released and supported.

A few people have emailed that they can't enter the interior...not sure what may be happening, but I will try and reproduce it before i post a bug fix...likely tomorrow. Should be self linking when spawned form tardis..though the exit menu is missing from door lol.

Also I may post the DECOR version of the Tardis Console tomorrow as well. Then once script changes are completed you shouldn't have to redownload. I should note The Console is mostly empty....because I have added  15 -20 small/medium  container slots to allow decoration how a person wishes, and I may in the future release console machines etc to be placed on this console and when/if I do others.


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