June 24, 2011

Vincent's Warning (Painting)

Vincent's Warning (Painting)
screenshot.jpg Vincents warning nearly came at a terrible cost...

Script Core Additions & Changes Log
10/1/2010 3.4.Development
  • Planning Stages
6/19/2011 3.4.TestRelease
  • LateNightScript Fix
  • Added: Painting Presence Required For Crack to Form
  • Added: Event Must Be Trigger For Crack to begin to Form
  • Cheat Added: Control Event Option Disperse / Absorb
  • Cheat Added: Control Event Option Active lot / World
  • Cheat Added: Trigger Event
  • Cheat Added: Trigger Event (Destory Life)
  • Cheat Added: Big Bang 2
Bug Log
  • None Reported
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