June 20, 2011

TimeLord Dispersal Chamber

TimeLord Dispersal Chamber
screenshot.jpg The Celestial Intervention Agency used this barbaric machine, to remove troublesome or dangerous sims from time. Also used to force regenerate a TimeLord.

Script Core Additions & Changes Log
10/1/2010 3.4.Development
  • Allows Various Suicides/Kill Sim
  • Death: Dispersed
  • Allows Force Regen of TimeLords Without Death
6/19/2011 3.4.TestRelease
  • LateNight Script Fix
  • Fix: Ghost Wander Off
  • Fix: Sound Off, after death
  • Disperse Sim : Remove ALL Relationships (Including House & Family)
  • Disperse Sim : Remove Genealogy
  • Forced Regen : No Death
  • Forced Regen : Electrocuted
  • Forced Dispersal : Removed From Time
  • Forced Dispersal : All But Brain
  • Retains Artron Energy From DispersedTimeLords
  • Retains AntiTime Matter From Dispersal Usage
  • Added Inventory System to Store Brain Canisters
  • Added Inventory System to Store BioData Extracts
11/1/2012 3.4.BugFix2
  • Fix: Fight Outcome Not Set to WIN
  • Fix: Relationship Change from Fight
Bug Log
  • None Reported
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