September 8, 2010

T.A.R.D.I.S. Interior Building Troubleshooting

Since I have gotten a lot of requests about this..I'll try and simplify this. The PDF lists how to build, and how to properly place the doors. A lot of people are not bothering to read... some do...but many haven't. So I will try and explain, and if people still have issues I WILL TRY and change the PDF to be more STEP BY STEP instead of general.


Build your foundation. Doesn't matter size or shape, I used a squished 6 sided shape for mine, as I'd seem the best.



Spawn the Interior Doors From the Tardis. This links them to this tardis. Interior Dimensional Controls I believe is the menu choice. They will be placed in Family Shared Inventory.


You can buy the doors and manually link them using your owner key.

Place your Doors. It is important, especially when using the dome, that you realize you cannot walk through the dome, and must exit using the door. Then NON DOME doors
do not have this feature. So when building a room, make sure it has no exits as the doors track which sims have used, for other travel events.

Once the doors are placed and the ramp is just slightly touching the foundation, you place your stairs, without rails under the ramp. if you haven't got your dome centered so that the ramp covers the stairs placement, move the dome into position and then place the stairs.

Otherwise you will end up with sims not being able to route into the interior from outside. You should not be trying to enter the the interior directly. You must use Tardis.

If you haven't updated to the shared core version I posted in link form so. Otherwise without the menu you can't exit.

If you have been seeing options for linking the Tardis ETC you are using an old file. Please download the file in the other post.

I Think this should cover most peoples issues.


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