September 5, 2010

T.A.R.D.I.S. Coral

Okay So no one has yet found the coral. I'm shocked. Seems rather obvious to me lol. A few have asked just to know...well that is not much fun.. So here's what I am going to do:

I announced last wave a prize for the person who could answer my riddle, and would receive it during WAVE 4. So here's what going to happen. Each WAVE from 4+ will contain 1 EXCLUSIVE MOD. In most cases it will be simply a variation of an existing object. But not always. Throughout development of each wave I will have little contests and things. Winners will get access to the exclusive, or access to the exclusives released prior. Donators will receive access to all exclusives past and future. So the few who have donated towards Late Night expansion etc, will auto receive access..though this is not the is for the contest winners, I feel it only fair to those who do go the extra step in acquiring update expansions be rewarded.

SO, with that said...this will be the first contest for Wave 4: Exclusive. (I will try to have at least 1 a week) And please no cheating!

Here's the 1st clue:
As the only remaining shard of a Tardis, it would need to be HIDDEN, PROTECTED, Out of the hands of REGULAR SIMS. It's all a matter of perception.

2nd Clue:
Time is not a factor...only Space. In order for something to be where you expect, it must first have been there to begin with. Sometimes its good to replace the old with something new...

3rd Clue:
A single action can show you the path, once followed you must all make a choice.

4th Clue:
Not everyone may have one, though every one can. For in the exchange of many for the return of one, may find conceals more than it may have once had.

5th FINAL Clue:
It was there in the beginning, it will be there in the end. But it may change many times, as I once said.

Anyone who wishes to give up, NO Anonymous Posters, say "I give up!" in the comments and I will click your name, and use your contact page...only if you have 1, and send u the answer.

Sorry for the debug notifications that remain... was rushing with the power coming and going to get done, and will remove tonight  or tomorrow.

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