September 5, 2010

T.A.R.D.I.S. Coral (Revealed) & Quick Blurb Wave 4 & Console.

Since someone has figured it out, I will no reveal the answer. This information will be updated in the PDF in a few days.

I have said it a few times but I will say it again, I know about the debug messages still present and will be releasing patches next day or so..please stop emailing me lol I need a bit of a breather...been flat out for weeks. Console will be released soon, no day set...before wave 4 work will begin. If you have features you would like to see added that involves Temporal Traps...Cracks in Time etc..u can email them to me...though I have most of the wave planned out in my head I am always open to new ideas.

I have been asked about other Tardis Variations, example TTCapsule, Masters 11th Doc etc... I took all that into consideration when designing the TimeCapsule System and yes it is more than doable, in some cases just a few lines would be needed and the mod...but if / when I do them will be when it is appropriate to the wave I am doing.

A couple people have asked me about the Doctor Himself...I hate clothing modeling. And I am not great at doing face likenesses. Though I have thought about it, and I'm sure I could do some interesting mods with them...right now its not happening anytime soon. And I'm sorry i don't know of anyone making them that are not simply ingame sorta likenesses. For me I'd need them to have there full outfit and likeness not similar clothes and sort of lol to provide links to 3rd party sites, or incorporate them into my mods. Example Regen or Events.

So now for the Answers, Please don't read further if you wish to figure it out yourself.

The Coral is Stored Within the Black Scrolls. Here's how the clues fit:

1st clue:
As the only remaining shard of a Tardis, it would need to be HIDDEN, PROTECTED, Out of the hands of REGULAR SIMS. It's all a matter of perception.

> is hidden behind a puzzle, not visible immediately from clicking. Protected...well open and not be prepared, or open when you shouldn't...death. Perception. Hidden Puzzle has a low level perception filter. Which will only begin to become visible once viewed.

2nd Clue:
Time is not a factor...only Space. In order for something to be where you expect, it must first have been there to begin with. Sometimes its good to replace the old with something new...
 >Space..physical location. AKA need to buy new Scrolls if had already on lot.

3rd Clue:
A single action can show you the path, once followed you must all make a choice.
 >Viewed once and disabled menu appears..once perception filter removed u have a choice to make.

4th Clue:
Not everyone may have one, though every one can. For in the exchange of many for the return of one, may find conceals more than it may have once had.
>Again need to buy a new Scrolls if you already had one. Buy with lots of money.

5th FINAL Clue:
It was there in the beginning, it will be there in the end. But it may change many times, as I once said.
>It was in the First Wave, It will be updated. I had said before and will say again. The Scrolls hold MANY Secrets from the Dark Times.

Once perception filter is removed you have a choice:

DEATH: You die.
LIFE: You become mortal. Begin to Age, and loose regenerating ability.
BLANK/VOID: Reward of the Unknown a piece of Coral.

Now Coral will be growable in the future. For now I felt the wave was very complicated until you get used to how everything interworks. So wanted to make it easier for now. You trigger a PAradox of meeting your future self in the Tardis you will have grown. Who leaves you with a Warning that sounds like...Don't activate the Machine...Beware the Da...


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