September 4, 2010

Status Update

Storm Over, lots of power out everywhere...lost most of the day..power back...working hard....back after lol

***UPDATE 9:40PM

Okay I managed to get through most of the big I will be posting the remaining files over the next hour. Then I will remove password. There are some small bugs remaining, nothing major and I will be tweaking them and posting an update in a day or so. All objects in wave will be available accept Tardis Console, as I am still trying to fix some really bad bugs, and I didn't want to delay further. It will be uploaded likely at the same time as the bug fixes, but we will see.

Most of the remaining bugs revolve around World Travel in regards to Companions traveling with you, so if you are a little on the safe side, just don't use any of the world travel menus.

The Tardis is NOT buyable you must find the coral, and trigger the teaser event. When you do receive the tardis it has components to be not delete them.

There is also a puzzle to solve...choose your destiny!

READ THE PDF if you have questions. Those who simply download 1 or 2 things and just jump in...well be it on your head.

Also included some small bug fixes like, click regenerate, and name of the clone.


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