September 13, 2010

Quick Answers

To answer a few repeating emails I am getting...
Yes. Console will be soon...sorry got side tracked with some cool new bad.
Yes. Console will control Tardis.

Yes. Wave 4 will be released as a pre-release same as wave 3, except it likely will be more a final version then wave 3, and date will not be set until I know I am finished. Wave 4 will be released when I begin work on wave 5. Public release will fall 10-14 days after preleased. Exclusive will be released at pre-release to those few people who have won it.

Yes Wave 4 will be out before next Expansion.
No There will be no Wave 5 until after Next Expansion.

MAYBE I will be purchasing a preorder, or day release of Late Night. Depends on cash reserves. Right now Donations have been ok, and I have about 1/2 the cost. Adverts are still a far way from paying out, so... I will be getting it, just may not be at release day..won't know till then. But will be no releases of new things until EP is released, and WAVE 1-4 confirmed to work with it before moving on.

No. There will be no creatures/aliens or other NPC sims etc, in WAVE 4.

No. I have no idea what will be Wave 5...well I don't know which...I have about 4 primary waves in mind....for future but some of the base game needs more expansions, for them to be what I would want. So I wont even think about what's next until after this ep is out.

Yes. There will be NPC in the future. Mostly waiting on custom animations to work. Likely Cybermen will be first, as they mostly move the same.

No. I am not taking requests. If you have a suggestion, I'm always open to it but doesn't mean I will implement it. Example TCE to gnome grave...good idea, I did it. 

No. I am not ever going to make mods for just ambitions or just world adventure. Mods. All mods currently require both. Not changing. When Next EP comes out..Final version 3.3.X will be released,  and all mods after that point will require all 3 eps.

Tired brain toast, need sleep...think these are the main ones...may have missed a few will check another day...I generally try to respond directly as soon as I notice, so I don't forget lol..


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