September 20, 2010

A note about Recent Mod Listings

As you can see I have made a listing for Brain Canister & Skin Tank. Some will say pieces of Cassandra? Yes and No.

I got the idea when thinking about TimeLord Dispersal..aka Morbius..Decided to give option to become a brain in jar...reminded me of i am merging the mods in a fashion.

A dispersed brain can be added to a skin tank to be a fashion similar to Cassandra. Only the brain canister is in wave 4. Skin Tank will be a future release.

This is not meant to replace Cassandra...but give her a home as such. more details on this when its time to address it for now...just brain canister. NO there will be no way to restore a brain to become a sim in wave 4. But it will be possible to regrow your body, in the released wave with skin tank. Think of Brain as a Urn, or TCE Gnome, Sim is still there...but not.


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