September 24, 2010

No News is Good News

Works been hectic so no updates. I'll be posting the console Sunday, as well as a small update to core. Also I am announcing the release dates for wave 4

PRE-Release Oct 9th, 2010
PUBLIC Release Oct 17th, 2010.

Wave 4 Will be the last release before Late Night. Any bug fix(s) needing to be addressed will be posted around 22nd. After that no updates will be done. NONE. The Shared Core will be marked final for the current game version, and then once Late Night is out and I have got a copy I will update existing mods for late night as soon as it is possible and release that before starting on Wave 5. After that all mod changes/bug fixes new mods will require Late Night.

Still just over 1/2 the cost has been donated for next EP. So I will likely will not be pre-ordering, and will likely buy it off the shelf within a week or so of coming out, depending on stock, shouldn't be an issue long as they order enough stock. So no fear I will update mods to work with it as soon as I can.

Its funny I had a guy offer to send me a copy....burnt copy the day of release lol. I know very well how to torrent I have copies of games I have bought in ISO form, for backup..some without even the seals broken, just cause iso mounting and stuff is sooooo much easier. But i do believe in supporting good games...even if they are a bit over priced. BUT DRM is terrible. I wont install games with it...I will still buy the odd one...I bought Spore Pre-Release, but generally I wont install a game unless I have a cracked version because of that garbage. BUT I have to say I love Civilization Series...gonna play it tonight, after install...but I'm not fond of the the Steam crap. I buy a retail game, I don't want to install that crap. Sorry I realize a lot of people like steam...sorry just not a fan. Digital copies for the same cost as actual disks/case and books just doesn't make sense to me, and ANY callback software is intrusive. If I own 15 computers, and I want to install it on them all I should be able to.


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