September 15, 2010

Late Night & Input Needed for Cracks in Time etc

Just finished doing some reading, seems next ep reintroduces inside platforms...grr. Oh well only spent hours trying to come up with a way to get around this when doing console room....on the bright side...will make it possible to build console rooms much easier, and more accurate.

Vampires now float while in much for dumb. Though should make it easy to do a zero room.

Right now I am working on SHADA and a few issues involving Tardis traveling to and from use of the book...once I have that worked out and code integrated into console I will release the console, so that way I don't need to keep changing it. I have sent out the final decor version to a couple testers to see how they feel about it, and will be sending out the finalized codes tonight or tomorrow and once i get the okay I will pop the file up.

Input Time...

I'm looking for a few good ideas for wave 4 for the involvement of the crack in time event I am implementing...I don't want to give a lot a way, but esentially...Event will be triggered from use of Vincents painting...cracks will form throughout the city...if too much time passes and they are still active..all life will be destroyed except for any sim contained within a temporal barrier...void ship..(oops later wave hint) or Pandorica.

Here's where I would APPRECIATE opinions... should this be reversable? Personally I would rather it not. As I think it was dumb how they did that. Wipe Parent out...child should also be removed... How can pics of Rory even still exist?...

So Here is what I propose, and like peoples thoughts on the options:

 Cracks Suck Sims Inside...not removed from existence
 Cracks Wipe Sim out Permanently and all decedents.
 Cracks Wipe Sim out Permanently (only sim)

 Dispersal Chamber & Demat Gun Since it will share some of this code WIPES OUT SIM ONLY
 Dispersal Chamber & Demat Gun Wipes out Sim and Decendents

Event can be stopped by simply closing cracks with sonic

Cracks Can be closed, but difficult
Event MUST happen once triggered
Event Stopped, Sims lost remain lost unless freed from cracks

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