September 4, 2010

Hurricane Earl

Luckily me, I'm right in the middle of panic ville lol. Personally I suspect we will only get a tropical storm, but one never knows for sure. In any event I have been crazy extra busy so I'm still finishing things up and hence why no updates lately.

Unless we loose power or some such thing, I should still be able to get things completed in time..I hope lol.

Either way Public downloads will be available as planned, if bug fixing is still required for some things I will indicate and update a patch within a day or 2 depending on schedule.

Numerous changes since Pre-Release. Acquisition of Tardis is complete. Flashing light is working, Tardis Model and Texture changed, new demat / remat timing system. Not to mention all the travel features...can't believe some were unable to figure out how to prime the briode nebulizer lol


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