September 5, 2010

Exhibit A: The lazy downloader

I posted numerous times that the components for the T.A.R.D.I.S. Key/Power/Chameleon/Demat Circuit where needed for using it. I mentioned why it is VERY important to download all files. Instead I got about 6 emails from people who only downloaded the Tardis and wandering why is not showing up, or asking where to find the coral, and 1 told me I only want the Tardis so I didn't download anything else......

I will at some point have to make the dumb down loader button where all files are in it so I don't get these messages. But its much easier and better for me to be able to change a single file or post if need be, so as I mentioned before I may change the templates to include full package DL. Though some will still just click the 1 file they want, even if the 2 below it are needed to be used with it lol.

One of these days I may put in a really really bad function...and tell everyone...Whatever you do don't press the RED button, and then watch how many people do.... maybe then people will take 2 min before they just jump in.

IF people do not wish to download an object don't! But the files are released as a WAVE for a reason. They interlink. So if you don't bother with getting all the files and something shows up as a BIG WHITE BOX or worse. Don't email me about it. Cause I'm not helping you fix your game.

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