June 20, 2011

Cryostasis Pod

Cryostasis Pod
screenshot.jpg Your Sim wont Age, or feel the passege of time. Set Timer or leave Sim Frozen forever. Also Useful for storing dangerous criminals.

Script Core Additions & Changes Log
10/1/2010 3.4.Development
  • Allows Sim To Enter Stasis
  • Stasis: No Aging
  • Stasis: No Motives Change
  • Stasis: Freezes Sim
  • Allows Sim To Enter Prison Stasis
  • Prison: Removed From World, Replaced With CryoSim Body
  • Prison: Removed From HouseHold
  • Prison: Not A Sim Anymore, So Can Remain in Shada
  • Prison: Not Limited to 8, as Only an Object Representing Sim
6/19/2011 3.4.TestRelease
  • LateNight Script Fix
  • Updated: Medical Stasis BaseObject
  • Added: Stores AlienGenetics
  • Added: Wake Timer
10/12/2012 3.4.BugFix1
  • New Sleep Method
  • Tweaked Interaction
Bug Log
  • None Reported
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