September 10, 2010

Couple Things

No Updated Console yet sorry folks, but it will be worth the wait, I just added some great features:
  • Animated Rotor
  • 30+ Container Slots
  • Turn On/Off Light Emmision
  • Link & Spawn From Tardis
So no rest for the wicked here. Also Wave 4 has been started, got a couple objects done and/or started. Pretty exciting stuff, if your into having to remove a Hologram entrance to somewhere for example. lol You can see the Wave 4 section for info, and the current change log features for the objects, where listed.

Special thanks to AFT Dowloads, they gave me permission a while back to use images from there Doctor Who Creations, and you will be seeing a few coming up in future waves etc.. I will post perma links soon to this wonderful site.

Also I can't remember who but someone suggested I make the GNOME the actual grave for the SIM when TCE is used to kill them. So since I am using there awesome suggestion this Waves Exclusive (not yet decided) will be available to that person.. I believe the comment was made in friend connect which i removed lol...but I'm sure I can find it, but if u made the suggestion post comment and remind me or drop me an email.

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