June 20, 2011

Brain Canister

Brain Canister
screenshot.jpg Canister can contain an extracted Sims Brain. Once used by Dr Solon to contain the brain of the former criminal Timelord President Morbius. More recently used by New Earth scientists, to hold the remains of the last sims, most notably Cassandra.

Script Core Additions & Changes Log
9/4/2010 3.2.Release
  • Planning Stages Only
10/1/2010 3.3.Developement
  • Script References Fixed (LateNightScriptFix)
6/19/2011 3.4.TestRelease
  • Added: Store Sim BioData Extract
  • Added: Store Sim Full Body & Remains
  • Added: Send Sim Into Remains
  • Prepared To Recognize Placed in Skin Tank
Bug Log
  • None Reported
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