September 17, 2010

Addressing wrong information

This is long..addressing issue on forum. Don't waste time if not interested in rumors.

Recently, and not for the first time..information..or in this case wrong information was accredited to me by one of my testers. This individual has lost there privileges or burden lol whichever way you want to see it for testing anything in the future. I wont continue the nonsense/drama by mentioning what forum this took place or exactly what was said but a few key this were mentioned, and to those who were involved in the discussions, I want to say I'm sorry, and I am going to clarify now.....

It has been said that I have updated some of the exclusive mods i did for sims 2, but am just not making them public except to donators. THIS IS NOT TRUE. I did about 4 exclusives in total for Sims 2. A Cyber Conversion table, that turned out to be buggy as hell, and never finished nor released to anyone other than my gf at the time, and a few testers. A Dalek, that was similar to K9, a Dalek Remote Control Toy, and some marvel action figures that could be opened from packages...unless you are fermilar with the comic stuff i designed on mod the likely have no idea...but no less these are the ONLY exclusives not public mods ever made by me.. Cassandra, and Doctors Hand for the Sims 2 were readily available, were being updated when i stopped Sims 2 modding...and updated links were never reposted.

I do NOT mod for profit..Ive made a total of about $40.00 in ads this summer not including donations. I have put financially About $110 to buy the 3 Sims 3 games, which to be honest...ask my testers lol..I have never played. I get teased all the time...cause they mention somehting...and I'm like...huh? lol. And I have put houndreds of hours into these if I was looking to make money...I'd be pretty stupid to try this way lol

I announced the exclusives for each wave going forward as a reward nothing else...there will never be a crutial mod..tardis k9 dalek etc, give because someone made a donation.

One of the my testers told people if they made donations, they were more LIKELY to get these sort of mods. Said he already had them, and was testing them...not true. The ONLY mods for Sims 3 that exist, not publicly shown on this site through downloads are in developments section, or upcoming release section are.. 2 very sad terrible floor textures, and a rug attempt i made when doing the console room, that I just was never happy with. Yes the mods in the development section exist. I'm not denying it..some are still debug only, some are not. They will be released at an appropriate time. In a wave, with other mods.

I do this because of this sort of thing..if the mod is not listed here somewhere, it don't exist period.


I have made no decisions on Wave 5, christ I am still working on Wave 4, and finishing console from 3...Yes I have ideas.. I always have ideas...I have ideas for probably 10 waves...doesn't mean they are happening...

As proof this testers posted a link to my photobucket account where i store the banners for upcoming waves. Specifically Torchwood. Yes this is a planned wave...sometime. I create numerous banners, and I will create more before wave 5 just in case I change my mind, or so I have em ready. I have a few there, 3 or 4 not used yet, it means nothing. Just banners that at some point will get used. So no there is no plans to do Torchwood Hub next.

Wave 5 will most likely be a cleanup, and feature add to the existing 4 waves and maybe an adventure.. but I'm no where near that yet. Wave 4 is moving along, most of the big stuff done, most planning is finished...this weekend I will take a chunk out...but don't expect any downloads for a couple weeks....well thats not 100% true lol... I will be posting a small object in a few days, that will be posted just for fun. So keep an eye out for that.


Sims 3 is just a game, its nothing to get so worked up about. I enjoy how excited some Simmers get when they play with some of my mods, and I try to be creative, and come up with new things, that others maybe haven't tried yet, or maybe not the same way. But it is just a game.. its for fun. And Sims 3 and Doctor Who, are played by a ton of young kids, (and adults like me lol) who love Doctor Who, and it makes me really angry that someone I trust lied to kids and get there hopes up. I will release Cybermen and Daleks in the future, and when I do, they will be available to all and certainly not decor boring. If a Dalek can't kill...what's the point.

It really let me down that someone I trusted...again... did this. It might seem a minor thing, but when a kid about 10, emails me asking if he sends me 5 pounds, from his allowance if I can send him a Dalek mod, as he heard he has to pay for it..I get supper pissed off. And I went out of my way and sent him a decor version link from a site I found, which was the best I could do on the spot...

So yeah I'm good at rants lol...but I guess my point is I hate seeing kids hurt over something so silly and stupid, as an adult we shrug that just not right. I'd have felt absolutely terrible if he had sent me the money first, and never told me why he did it...

If you read this far..thx for listening, I guess I'm mad at myself for trusting another wrong person, who gets some kind of ego trip out of bragging about access to mods for a game lol...kinda sad really, testing isn't bragging rights its to ensure mods work, that they work in a clear way and are fun. Instead of breaking a bunch of peoples games. ANYONE i don't care what scene your in. Wii, PS3, PC Games etc...and testing hacks, or mods and need to brag...your a sad person. A leaking an early version of anything is dangerous and stupid.

Next time, It'll be good news and a fun surprise I promise.


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