August 22, 2010

Wave 3 Release Date(s)

Well the day is almost up and I promised a date today so I figured I might as well take a break and come on here and post lol.

All went well, unfortunately there is still too much left to do to be released this weekend. Worst part, I am not sure if I will have any available time until the middle of the week to get back to this with any amount of time. So I have decided on a compromise of sorts.

August 25th I will release the early-release of wave 3 to all those who have sent me there info in accordance to previous posts. I will be periodically uploading the release files and updating the mod(s) Information over the next few days, so if your wandering what will be released you can keep an eye out for which mods info gets updated lol. All the links will be valid but will have a password. I will be sending out the password to access these files that evening, to the email contacts I have on file.

If I have not had time to complete everything, I will still release the password to all the files that have been uploaded to that point. I know the main question everyone has reading this is: Will the Tardis be delayed? NO. It is complete. I have more functions I would like to add as I learn how to do some more things, but for now it is finished, only some minor code changes are needed and they will be completed well before then.

Any files not posted at that time will be posted on the public release date of September 4th. There will be no further posts until release date other than updates to individual mod(s) info and links for the files being released on Wednesday.

As far as the Next Wave goes, I will post that info on Wednesday as well. I'm rather eager to get to it, as I have delayed creating 1 of the objects since wave 2 as I knew I would be doing this wave and it would fit better. or perhaps that's my sadistic side coming out (hint hint lol)

We'll its time to get back to work, still a couple hours left in me lol


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