August 30, 2010

Wave 3: Public Release Saturday Sept 4/2010

I keep getting emails asking, or requesting to download specific files,so I figure I had better post this again.

Public Release: Saturday Sept 4/2010

Anyone who received a pre-release password will have the opportunity to download early, and despite my previous comment I have decided it will have all features enabled. I only have 1 object to complete and then cleanup and some tweaking. So download will be available sometime this week, I just can't say when as I may run into issues of lack of time or coding problems. It is VERY important you delete all pre-release files as, many things were changed or not included in those files. Example Tardis Light was not included due to dematerialize problems etc.

I will release the PDF as usual, aswell as recommended builders guide for building the Tardis dome and console room, to ensure routing and that the hidden stairs that make the ramp work get placed properly.

Something was brought to my intention that people are picking and choosing files and then wandering why things do not work. Every object I create except for decor are generally highly involved with each other, it is important to do download all files. Since the code for all objects is contained in the shared core, it shouldn't create a problem if you don't but it can. Most objects are hard coded into the the core, and the scripts looks for specific object, not objects of type in all cases.

I would post files together but in the long run that doesn't help as I generally and functions from newer waves to older files as well. Example New Workbench allows you to build sonic screwdrivers etc. Normally this doesn't cause an issue where the coding is separate, but if a model change is required, i do not want to have to have everyone down the whole package if only 1 file changed. I may include a full package without shared core for quicker download, but it depends on if I have time to update my download posting template.


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