August 9, 2010

Wave 3 Exaplained (Frequent Questions)

Thank you to all the recent commenters and those who have taken the time to send me there ideas for the T.A.R.D.I.S. wave.

I also noticed some who also went the extra step and took the time to visit a couple ads, this is also appreciated... It doesn't help if people repeat click, so appreciate the thought, but I'd rather u visit 1 a weeks then 10 a day cause google's not dumb lol.

Since I have gotten a lot of questions about this wave, I'm going to try and explain here, and hopefully those who jump into using the objects without reading the PDF will have some foreknowledge.

First off, I would like to let everyone know that I have all the features for this wave now mapped out, and will not be adding to it any further, simply completing existing planned code. I will be announcing the Early & Public release dates this week. As usual a PDF will be released giving the basics of each object, and the usage etc. This mod is very unique with almost none of the objects visible in the Catalog so I highly recommend you read it.

The only object(s) not appearing in the upcoming wave section are the base object for the Time Capsules...sorry a Police Box is not the default Tardis shape. And the 9th Doctor Interior Set Objects.

So Here goes I hope this will answer everyone's questions, some of these I have address on here already so this will be the last time, until after release..and hopefully after reading the PDF I wont have to.

Lets Begin:

How Do I gain/purchase/get a T.A.R.D.I.S. ?
> A Tardis is grown not built. It takes time, a long time. But the reward is great. There is away to decrease the speed of time... A Tardis starts off as a piece of material similar to a piece of coral. You must find a piece of coral. It is hidden in the most obvious place. Yet cannot be seen....

What happens once my T.A.R.D.I.S. is grown?
> A Tardis when grown is in its default shape. A Timelord TimeCapsule. It needs to be linked to a Timelord in order to work. The Coral determines the base Tardis Type, by default will be type 40. Any coral created from the Tardis will be the same. A TimeCapsule will be in its ...shall we say unformatted state until used by a Timelord for the first time, and you activate the chameleon circuit. Currently the only possible shape will be the 9th Docs Tardis.

What happens once I am linked to my T.A.R.D.I.S.?
>Once Created And "Formatted" or Linked to the TimeLord it will produce the components in the Tardis Inventory specifically linked to that SPECIFIC Tardis and Timelord.

The primary components are:
Chameleon Circuit - Determines Shape / Ability to Enter
Dematerialize Circuit - Travel & Time Manipulation
Portable Energy Collector - Stores Power For Functions
Key - Enter Tardis
Interior Doors - Doors to the Interior of Your Tardis
Console - Main Console & Time Rotor

Some components will need to be fixed/upgraded or even replaced to work properly. These components will be detected if present and the Tardis will check there state and condition to determine which functions are possible.

All components can be recreated from the Tardis Console interior Dimensional Controls, at a cost of scrap. This includes all interior objects such as pillars or other.

Future components and Interior Objects will be added in future as well, example: Cloister Bell, Zero Room Bed

How do I visit the interior?
> First off you must have placed an Interior door, spawned from the Tardis somewhere on your home lot. I recommend a basement build to give the illusion of Tardis not really there. You have either your Timelord Sim or Companion enter the Tardis and they will appear next or in front of Interior Doors. You must have an Tardis Owner Key or Companion Key or TempKey to Enter. TempKeys are an auto thing during world travel. Can only be used once. Comapanion keys are created by owner and given to other sims.

Owner Sims / Timelords when enter Tardis will stay in the Tardis exterior model and be able to use controls from there, all other sims when enter will auto pop to interior unless not accessible (out of world), in which case they will get stored in Tardis. When desired a Timelord can visit the inside as well.

> Can I Travel With Tardis?
Yes. It is not a default vehicle, nor a vehicle of any kind. So its travel is unique. A game will not see it as a vehice or method to get somewhere. Some travel features require a fully functional Demat Circuit. It is possible to click a location and travel to there anywhere in the world. And possible to travel to other worlds as well.

.....I keep going and I might as well write the pdf now lol. But I think this explains enough that most people should be able to understand. Additional specifics will be in PDF.

As far WAVE 4... hard to imagine but I am getting questions on this already lol. I haven't decided for sure to be honest. I have a couple different ways I may go. I have always intended to recreate all Sims 2 mods, so I pick a few each wave. What I may do is have a vote to make it a bit fun. I have 2 possible waves in mind....

Both have features that will add some fun. But I haven't decided and wont even be thinking about it until end of this wave, once its in the hands of testers.


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