August 25, 2010

Today is the Pre-Release Day of Wave 3: Tardis

Those who who have not yet received there email, there is a simple reason. I haven't sent them out yet, so no fretting. It will likely be very late in the day, possible the early hours of the night, as I am not home until very late tonight and there's things I still need to do yet.

Those who do receive the passwords I ask you not to post comments on specific details or bugs Direct all this to me directly.

Please no emails asking time/when/what or anything else in regards to pre-release. I will make a final post on the matter once passwords are released. I have numerous emails to send out (manually) so if I make an error and forget someone etc please wait and if you have not received an email by tomorrow evening, then drop me an email tomorrow evening, and I will make sure to get u the password right away. Please do not send requests tonight, as I have said it may be very late when I finish up.

This is by far the most interconnected and complicated mod(s) I have ever done. There is a wide variety of things that can go wrong, and I have found and fixed all the ones I have come a crossed so far, but I'm sure there will be others. So please if your not comfortable with pre-release mod(s), don't download the files...wait until the 4th. Remember this early release is only happening because I know how many have been looking forward to this and are anxious.

I have additional features planned, as waves progress. And have made a huge effort to have additional features added without breaking Tardis...i hope lol.

I will post the wave 4 details tomorrow night, as I suspect I just wont have the time tonight to get to it...but we shall see.


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